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Audio-Graphic design studio started in 2001 by Juan Pablo Solari, musician and graphic designer (Buenos Aires / Caracas / Madrid / Barcelona). Apart from developing individual design projects, it aims at the continuous exchange of ideas between artists with different styles, techniques and platforms.*YETTA Vectorial chromatic maneuvers counts with the intervention of different illustrators, designers and musicians wanting to communicate ideas and sensations in a particular way. Pieces that have an application or practical use, but also looking to enhance everyone's sight from an artistic point of view.
It is a platform of continuous creative processes. Open to the experimentation, many projects have been created for both established brands and independent groups.*YETTA finds its reflection on nature. The design starts with simple organic forms and shapes driven to the creation of complex spaces but keeping a light design at the same time. The majority of the projects begin on a digital platform, although this is the last part of the creative process in most cases.

Friends: El Kaniho, Gabba, GALGO, Vectorsoul, Cataco, Motiscause, Iñigo Amescua


.Yetta is a logo maker

yetta is a logo maker

Yetta excels in logo creation and brand image.


.Foxy / Bar

foxy bar

Brand created by Yetta for Foxy Bar Barcelona. Music, drinks, coffee, tea, snacks & love. A place where talent is a gift.

foxy bar

foxy bar


.Fama / Screen

fama revolution

Art direction, logo & rebrand for this popular TV show. Working with Vectorsoul & Nerdo. In this project section you can see final pieces and previous print and animation samples.

fama 2 revolution

fama 3 revolution

fama 5 revolution


.Vectorsoul / Print

Vectorsoul Print

Temporary rebrand for an event melting his brand with chinesse elements in different platforms: food pack, flyers, cd packs, stickers.


.Colorado / Print

Colorado Print

Artwork created for Mariano Godoy; rock & pop musician based in London UK.

Images used created by and amazing venezuelan artist based in London: Jaime Gili

Colorado 2 Print

Colorado 3 Print


.Galgo / Print & Web

Galgo Print

Galgo Print

Galgo Print

Image created for the Indie Rock Band based in Barcelona : GALGO

Platforms: print, video, web.

This pre- release album presskit contains: cd, stickers, dossier,website,video short samples.

GALGO is coming...

Galgo Print


.Zen Series#1 / Print

Zen Series#1 Print

First of 3 print samples inspirated in japanese warrior women. Project developed together with the spanish illustrator & friend Nacho Molano mixing hand made and digital technics.


.Rinôçerôse / Print

Rinôçerôse Print

Illustrations created by Yetta for the french electro-rock band Rinôçerôse published in MDF Magazine Spain.


.Paramount Comedy / Screen

Paramaount Comedy 1 Screen

Paramaount Comedy 2 Screen

Vectorsoul join Yetta to develop the spanish brand adaptation of this wellknown comedy channel.


.Vectorsoul Brand / Print

Vectorsoul 1 Print

Yetta creates the Brand Pack for the new image of Vectorsoul(2009)

(RGB colours), print materials and different graphic elements were applied following a video player controls concept.

Different proposals were created for this proyects playing with composition under the main concept.

Vectorsoul 2 Print

Vectorsoul 3 Print

Vectorsoul 4 Print

Vectorsoul 5 Print


.Polaroid / Print

Polaroid Print

Flyer developed for Polaroid Rock n Roll Bar for a special event based in The Warriors Film.


.Sportmania / Screen

Sportmania Screen

Graphic elements made by Yetta, created for Sportmania Channel´s TV pack.

Vectorsoul works together with Yetta and Nerdo to develop this important proyect.


.One Management / Web

One Management 1 Web

One Management 2 Web

Web site for a new Argentinian management company.

Graphic simplicity and usability are the main features of this project.


.Star Channel / Screen

Star Channel Screen

ID´s proposal for this greek TV Channel.


.Le Picó / Print

Le Picó Print

Artwork developed for Le Picó; Eric Aldrey´s main electronic project. (London)

Vectorial Illustrations recreates a world full of magic inspired on nature.


.Capitan Melao / Print

Capitan Melao 1 Print

Capitan Melao 2 Print

Artwork developed for Capitan Melao; Javier Weyler´s first solo album. (London)

Layout and composition : Yetta

Illustrations created by the amazing artist Soo Hong


.Lagangbang / Screen

Logo created by Yetta for LAGANGBANG a design and advertising agency based in Barcelona.)

Intro animated by argentinian motion grapher LYSHO


.Go Magazine / Print

Go Magazine Print

Yetta creates differents layouts for the prestigious music magazine based in Barcelona GO MAG.


.Natura tv / Screen

Natura tv Screen

Art Direction for TV3 Catalunya.

ID´s creation for two differents TV programms. Exploring is knowledge.

Project developed together with Vectorsoul.


.Jacktürbo / Print

Jacktürbo Print

Artwork created by Yetta for Jacktürbo´s album debut.

Rock n roll band based in Barcelona.

Art direction by Yetta.

Photos by Gonne


.Vanity Fair / Print

Vanity Fair Print

Layout created for the first issue of the magazine Vanity Fair in Spain.


.Suecos® / Print

Suecos Print

Printed poster series for SUECOS®

Global provider of next generation professional footwear.


.Spazio Transformer / Print

Spazio Transformer Print

Printed posters series for Spazio Transformer.

Space created by the amazing architect/artist and artist Motiscause


.Hammond / Print

Hammond 1 Print

Hammond 2 Print

Brand image and first vintage series for HAMMOND / Tsunami Longboards... just for Soul Riders.


.Meltin´Pot Riot Radio / Print

Meltin´Pot Riot Radio Print

Yetta creates the image of Meltin Pot an Indie Music Radio Show located in Madrid.


.Lebook / Print

Lebook 1 Print

Lebook 2 Print

Illustrations for LeBook.


.El Bombón / Print

El Bombón 1 Print

El Bombón 2 Print

El Bombón 3 Print

Under a vintage / kitsch concept Yetta creates the image of Bombon Bar a place where salsa brava and boogaloo plays together to make you dance like a demon all night long in Barcelona.


.Mariano Godoy - Demons / Print

Mariano Godoy - Demons 1 Print

Mariano Godoy - Demons 2 Print

Artwork created for Mariano Godoy; rock & pop musician based in London UK.

Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini´s origami are beautiful as all her illustrations.


.Stetics / Multi-platform Projects

Back to basics language forms, characters that communicate with symbols.

Music made with Casio.


Rebuild your life.